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About Volopta
Welcome!  This site contains free C++, Matlab, and VBA code for derivatives pricing.   You will find code for pricing equity 
options, options on bonds, swaps, swaptions, options on futures, variance swaps, collateralized debt obligations, credit 
default swaps, volatility models, etc.

All of the code on this site is free.  We encourage everyone to submit code, but please make sure the code you submit is 
accurate and your own.  Volopta is designed mostly for C++, Matlab, and VBA code, but you can submit code in any 

Why Volopta?
The name is derived from a blending of volatility and optimization.  Volatility is the single most important parameter in 
option pricing, and can be the option trader's best friend. Optimization is the tool often used by the financial engineer to 
calculate option prices.  This site pays homage to both concepts.
Downloading Code
Please read the Rules described in the Terms of Use below.  Then visit any page to download free code.

Restricted Code
Some users have requested that their code be available for restricted use only.  To obtain restricted code, you must 
email us and explain why you need this code.  In most cases we will e-mail you the code within 24 hours.

Submitting Code
Please visit the Upload page and following the instructions.

Terms of Use
The code on this site is free for anyone to use, subject to the following Rules.

  1. Use of Code .   All computer code appearing on this site is to be used for personal or academic use only.   Users 
    are NOT allowed to use any of the code for commercial purposes, except under licensing agreements with Volopta.
    com.  Please contact us for more details.
  2. Posting Code.  You must not post code that is copyrighted.  This includes, but is not limited to, code from a CD that 
    accompanies a textbook, code obtained from a Web site or a discussion forum, or code from a vended software 
    product.  The code you submit must be your own, or you must have written permission to post code that is not your 
    own.  Volopta.com is not responsible for litigation resulting from copyrighted code that has been posted on this site.
  3. Distribution .   All code can be freely distributed, provided that these Rules are respected.
  4. Authorship and Ownership.  In certain instances, the author's name appears as a comment on the top of the file.  
    In this case, users are NOT allowed to erase the author's name from the code, and full credit must be given to the 
    author.  Users are not allowed to claim authorship for code downloaded from Volopta.com.  Ownership of the code 
    remains with the author; Volopta.com acts only as a distribution and sharing network.
  5. Accuracy .  Please ensure that all code that you submit is accurate and has been tested.  Volopta.com is not 
    responsible for any errors in derivatives prices arising from inaccurate code downloaded from this site.
  6. Potential Financial Losses .  By downloading code, Users recognize that Volopta.com is not responsible for 
    financial losses incurred from using the Code contained on this site.
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